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It had been about a week since in run in with Elle, and he hadn't heard from her. Not that he expected to or anything. Not that he was disappointed or anything. He knew it was supposed to be a one night stand, but that last part, when they had lied in bed, kissing and talking before she finally left, it had felt different. He couldn't explain how, but it did.

In retrospect, he should have gotten her phone number, or her last name, or her email or something. Some way to contact her. But all that he had in remembrance of her were the things they had bought in the sex shop together. And the smell of her on his sheets.

But maybe it was better this way. He tried to convince himself of that, anyways, as he sat at work, carefully replacing the spokes of a watch. If she really wanted to see him again, she knew where he worked. Hell, she knew where he lived. But it wasn't like he was expecting to see her or even hoping to. He wasn't that foolish.

Still, as he set the watch down to readjust the lenses on his work glasses, he couldn't help but think that it'd be nice if he did.
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To say Gabriel was excited was an understatement, to say the least. Of all the powers he's encountered so far, this one was like the Holy Grail. He needed, wanted it, his body practically hummed in desire to possess it. To heal, to be unstoppable, the limits would be endless once he had that. He could get his memories back, and then he wouldn't need Angela or the Company anymore. He could just take Elle and go and they could do whatever they wanted after that.

They could be whatever they wanted after that.

After they finished their tower Elle changed her clothes, and then they had went back to his cell (that's what it was, a cell, not a room, he knew that now after having seen Elle's elaborate living quarters) to pick him up a shirt that could actually button up. Once they were finished replacing their clothing, Elle had begun to lead him down to where Adam was a kept and he felt like a kid being taken to a candy store. It was exciting. It was beyond exciting.

His hand was intertwined with hers, squeezing it firmly as they walked. He remembered their dark promise to one another and smiled fondly. To think, they had argued so much in the beginning when in reality, they were perfect for one another. They may had not realized it at first, but they knew it now. And that's all that really mattered, right?

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Gabriel reluctantly got out of bed, making his way over to his closet. He pulled out a suit and began to change into it. Paris was gone now and they were left with the reality of the cold cell room. Definitely a disappointment. He would have liked to spend all day in bed with her (at least the second time had gone better for both of them) but they had both agreed that if they stayed in his room for too long, Angela and Noah would become suspicious.

And neither one of them wanted that.

Especially when Candice's dead corpse was still on the floor in a fat, bloody mess.

He pulled on his coat before he began to work on fixing his tie. "So what are we doing next?" He asked curiously.
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After they pumped him up with that magic blood again (he really needed to find out where that came from. Was there someone who could heal? He needed that power) Angela had a strong talking to with Gabriel.

Apparently, throwing Elle into walls and threatening to kill her was bad. She was, for whatever reason, under the list of people he was not allowed to kill, no matter how much he wanted that beautiful spark of hers. Likewise, Angela refused to give her to him as a gift of other sorts. She instead just gave him a strained smile and told him that he needed to learn to get along with the blonde. That they had more in common then they knew.

Whatever that meant Sometimes, Angela's words seemed like they had a double of meaning, but Gabriel had no idea what those double meanings were.

Either way, that's how he ended up being locked in the same room as Elle. He was in one seat, she was in the other, a table sat between them. There was nothing else. The door was locked and sealed in a way that his telekinesis could not easily just open it. He had already tried that.

Several times.
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It was pretty late at night by the time they finally reached the Canadian border. As he drove closer to the border he couldn't help but feel a little nervous. They'd only ask a few questions, right? It wasn't likely that they would have pictures of them or anything, any way of knowing that they were trying to run from the law, right?


He was worrying over nothing, he was pretty sure of it. So far, everything had been going well. Sure, it had taken them a little longer than expected to get here, mostly because they kept stopping to fool around and the like, but they had managed to get here, new car and all. Once they got through they could find a place to stay for the night and figure out the rest in the morning, right?


Still, one of his hands left the wheel and searched for her hand, fingers intertwining with one another. Being able to hold her hand was a comfort, at the very least.
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Gabriel had barely even wanted to go to school. He wanted to stay home and practice his telekinesis more. He hadn't mastered it yet, after all, and that was much more exciting than anything that was bound to happen at school. But he knew he had to go in order to not let his mother know anything was up. The last thing he wanted to do right now was make her suspicious. Not when they were going to be leaving soon anyways.

Which was why he was sitting in chemistry class now, listening to the instructions from his teacher over the experiment they were conducting. It wasn't really enjoyable, working with someone who hated his guts, but he didn't see any reason to go out of his way to switch partners. It would be a hassle. So he dealt with Jane and her death glares and just focused on his work.

But apparently, he was focusing a little too hard at one point, because the glass test tube Jane was holding over the flames shattered from his telekinesis and the liquid inside caused the flames to shoot up, lighting her hair on fire.

"Oh my god, what happened, my hair, my hair, someone get something for my hair," She screeched in a voice that could only be described as shrill. But before anyone could grab anything, the smoke reached the smoke detector, causing the fire alarm and sprinklers to go off, soaking everyone.

Jane wasn't hurt, luckily, but about half of her hair was burnt off now, and she'd probably have to cut the rest off to match. Gabriel was trying his best not to laugh as the teacher ushured them outside for regular fire procedures.
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Gabriel had ended up staying at Elle's for the night, calling his mother up to tell her that he was studying at a friends. Of course, what they ended up doing was about as far from studying as they could get. For them, studying was pretty much just a code word for sex at this point. Not that either one of them minded or anything. Far from it.

At school, it was easy enough to act like nothing had happened. Elle hadn't killed her father, he hadn't briefly thought of killing her. And none of that mattered. They walked around the school in almost a daze. After having finally telling her he loved her, Gabriel couldn't stop saying the words. Or hearing them.

It was after school on Monday and Gabriel was at his shop, working on one of the watches that had been brought into him. His mind wandered briefly to the promise Elle had made him about bringing someone in to test his theory about taking powers on. Why did that excite him? He knew murder was wrong, but the thought of having that sort of power, of being just that special, it was almost overwhelming. He wanted it.

He held the watch up to his ear, listening to it tick. He frowned. It was still a few seconds off. Something most people wouldn't mind, but it drove him crazy. He had no tolerance for it. So he set it back on the desk and began working on it once more.
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Virginia had been practically ecstatic when Gabriel asked if he could borrow the car to go the dance. Of course, he didn't tell her he was bringing a date, he just let her think he was going with a group of friends. Not that he had a group of friends to go with or anything like that, but those were minor details at the moment.

Gabriel hadn't really been sure what to wear so he finally settled on a nice pair of jeans, a button down shirt, a tie and a cardigan sweater. He even managed to style his hair for once instead of just combing it to the sides like he normally did.

He had picked up Elle, talking to her about the story she had fed her father as they made their way to the dance. He usually hated things like this, but with Elle...he was almost excited. After all, he would at least have her company to enjoy. What was the worst that could happen?

They had been at the dance for a while now, standing near the back of the gym. Most of the music they had been playing was absolutely horrible, but they had danced to a few numbers. Nobody approached them or tried to talk to them much so far though, so that was a plus.
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Gabriel had been more tired than normal during the school day. Why? Mostly because he had stayed up all night tidying his room, almost to an obsessive compulsive point. He had rehidden all of his porn (it wasn't alot, and really, mostly books of old pin up girls. He wasn't the type to really go for stuff like Playboy) and rearranged his books three or four times. He wasn't sure why he was so nervous about Elle coming over, or why he had been so against the concept in the first place, but he did know he wanted the place to look as nice as possible. He had never invited a girl over before, or anyone, really.

His classes seemed to drag on, and for once, he just wanted them to be over with. Lunch was made alot more tolerable by meeting up with Elle in the eraser room again. It probably wasn't a good sign that they spent alot more time fooling around with one another than they ever did talking, but on the plus side, they didn't fight nearly as much as they used to this way. So that was a good sign, right?

He leaned against the wall next to Elle's locker, waiting for her to come out of her last class. He ignored the nervous feeling in his stomach that was completely irrational. So what if he lived in a tiny apartment that only seemed tinier in comparison to her home? So what if she had enough money to over tip on a watch she had broken on purpose and he had to pretty much save every penny he had to his name. It wasn't a big deal or anything.

If he kept telling himself that, maybe he'd believe it.
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Gabriel had been staring at his phone for a while now, as if that would will it to ring somehow. That way he wouldn't have to be the first to call. In his hand was the napkin with Elle's number scrawled on it. He hadn't been able to get himself to call it, just yet.

After all, even though they were supposed to meet up today, he couldn't help but feel a little awkward. The last time he had seen her they had had sex, while drunk. And everyone caught them. They couldn't even get along most of them time, and now everyone would probably think they were a couple or something.

Having a day to think about things hadn't really helped him at all. If anything, it had really made things worse. The more he could think, the more whatever they had together seemed like a bad idea. They had fucked before even exchanging phone numbers. How healthy was now? Maybe that's why he was having trouble calling.

And what was he supposed to say? "Sorry I was too drunk to realize I shouldn't have fucked you?" or how about "I'm sorry I couldn't even be considerate enough to make it enjoyable for you." Or maybe he could talk about the fact that there was clearly something more than just lust passing between them. Something neither one of them seemed to want to discuss, ever.

He supposed she was just as scared as he was in the end.

Finally, he took a deep breath and dialed the number, waiting for her to pick up. Things couldn't possibly get any worse, right? And besides, he wanted to see her, despite of everything. Or maybe because of it. He wasn't sure.
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Gabriel was sitting at the back of the lunchroom at his usual table. Like usual, the lunch his mother had packed him remained untouched while he focussed on the current book he was reading. He wasn't at all peering over it from time to time, looking for Elle. He wasn't getting impatient waiting for her or anything.

Why would he? It wasn't like they were anything to one another. So they had fooled around a little, so she had given him a handjob, so what? It was just hormones. She was pretty, what guy his age wouldn't want to fool around with a girl who looked like her? He was only human. That's all it was. That's what he was telling himself.

Still, he found himself feeling a little excited when he thought about having another tutoring session with her in the afternoon.
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The rest of the week was testy between them, to say the very least. The next day Elle had walked right by his locker, not even stopping to look at him as she dropped his jacket on the floor at his feet. When he picked it up and pulled it on, it smelled more like her than he expected. He made sure to wash it as soon as he got home. He didn’t need to be reminded of her presence.

But her presence is difficult to avoid, he found. Since the popular table was no longer accepting Elle, she had started sitting at his table. He didn’t know why she kept sitting there when she didn’t even bother talking to him, not even once. Instead, she just sat at the other end, just at the right angle so he could see her past whatever book he was reading at the time (this week’s choices were Fahrenheit 451 and 1984). Not that he ever looked up from his book just to look at her. Not that he noticed how she dressed each day or the way she styled her hair. He had no reason to notice such things.

Still, he kind of missed their arguments. It was nice to have someone who could keep up with him. But he was stubborn. He didn’t want to be the first to break the silence between them. So he continued to wait for her to do it first. But it turned out that she was just as stubborn as he was about these things. Maybe even more so, actually.

But today the silence would be broken. After his AP U.S. History class he was pulled aside, asked if he could tutor someone in one of the regular History classes who was struggling. Elle Bishop. Before he could even give it much thought, he said yes.

Which is why he was now standing in front of her home, knocking on the door. They had arranged for him to come to her place to tutor her, because there was no way in hell he was bringing her to his home. Virginia would probably flip out if he brought a girl home without warning, even if it was just for tutoring. It was much easier this way, especially since Elle’s father worked so late.

He wasn’t at all excited about the idea of being in a en empty home with her. Not at all. What gave you that idea?
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Friday nights were usually when Gabriel went to the movies. And like usual, he was going by himself. Not that he cared. The few times he's been on dates girls have always wanted to make out or hold hands or something, and he wanted to actually watch the movie he paid to see. Was that so much?


Scifi was his favorite genre, but as there wasn't any like that out right now, he settled on buying a ticket to the newest action flick. He paid for his ticket and made his way to the concession stand to wait in the line to get himself popcorn and soda.
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Gabriel was sitting in the chair in the bathroom, waiting for Elle. After all, she had promised to cut his hair for him. It really was getting long, even for his taste. Now when he tried to slick it back, it gave him a sort of douchebag look. Not appealing, really.

Finally, he heard the door slam, letting him know Elle was back. "Did you find someplace that sold the supplies you needed?" He called out in a curious fashion.
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Gabriel was nervous, just a little bit, as they pulled up to his father's house. There was a sign on the front yard:

Samson Gray

His real father stuffed dead things? There was an irony to that, or something, but Gabriel found no comfort in that. He didn't know what he was going to find inside of there, what answers, if any, lied inside.

What if it was more proof that there was just something wrong with him that couldn't be fixed? That he eventually would hurt Elle in a way that he couldn't fix?

He felt almost sick at the idea.

He lingered in the car for the moment before opening the door and stepping outside with a deep, shaky breath. He had to face the truth at some point. Better sooner than later, right?

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Gabriel wasn't exactly jazzed about being at Disneyland of all places. It wasn't something he would have chosen on his own accord, that was to be certain. But Elle's energy was rather contagious. She was so cute, kind of like a giant child. He was half tempted to buy her some of those Mickey Mouse ears to complete the tourist look they had going on. She'd look adorable in them. But then again, he kind of always thinks she looks adorable, even if he doesn't tell her it as often as he could.

He was standing near the entrance, looking over the map before glancing up at Elle, raising a curious brow at her. "So, where do you want to go first?" After all, they were here for her, it was only fitting that she got to make the first choice. As long as he got to go on Star Tours at some point, he would be happy.
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They had been traveling a few days on the road now before they drove into Texas. Gabriel can't help but smile as they cross over the border. A few of the names on the list lived in Texas, assuming a rather tempting one involving memory. He couldn't wait to get his hands on them. And as Elle seemed to be okay with him killing now, he doubted she would object to a few detours on their way to California.

After all, this was kind of like his Disneyland.

As they pulled into the city of Midland, Gabriel turned to Elle with a bit of a smirk on his lips. "How do you feel about stopping at a diner for lunch?"
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Gabriel sat in the passager side of the car, staring outside of the window. He felt exhausted, but he hasn't really been able to sleep. Everytime he closed his eyes he saw his mother's shocked face, scissors jetting out of her chest, and suddenly he would feel wide awake again.

After doing some research they were able to finally locate his father in Baltimore, so that's where they were driving toward. To get answers to the questions Angela had planted in his head. Who were his real parents? Why had they given him up? Were they the reason why he was the way he was...wired so wrongfully?

Periodically, he thinks idly about the list of powers he got from Chandra. They were passing by alot of good ones. He wondered how bad it would be to go off course.
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It wasn't until later that night that he pushed himself out of Elle's bed, offering his hand to her. He hadn't been able to sleep at all, for a variety of reasons, but it was probably for the best. After all, the more time they let pass, the harder killing Angela was going to be.

But first they have to go after the Haitian. He practically shivers in anticipation at that thought. That was a power he was looking forward to. And maybe he could still convince Elle to let him have Angela's as well.

Then the day would be perfect

For now he slipped his shoes on and gave her hand a squeeze. "Ready?" He asked quietly, a devious grin playing on his lips.
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After they had finished cleaning up they had gotten dressed and made their way out of the hospital, heading onto the road back to the Company. The car ride is considerably shorter on the way back, but that's probably because they aren't going at it like rabbits anymore. At least not for now, anyways. They both seemed rather spent from the day's activities.

Gabriel couldn't help but feel a little relieved as they pulled into the parking lot of the Company. He doubted taking down Angela would be easy, but the sooner they did it, the better. He hated sleeping in that cell on that uncomfortable bed. Even if they didn't know where they were going after this, wherever it was, he'd be able to sleep at Elle's side again.

He smiled a little at that thought.

He got out of the car, waiting for Elle to do the same before taking her hand, pulling her in for a brief kiss.

"Let's go kill the wicked witch," He mused.

How hard could it be? And even though Elle had discussed the desire to kill Angela herself, part of him was still hoping maybe things would play out so he could take her power. After all, there were so many uses for precognition, it seemed like a pity to just let that go to waste.
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