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Gabriel had ended up staying at Elle's for the night, calling his mother up to tell her that he was studying at a friends. Of course, what they ended up doing was about as far from studying as they could get. For them, studying was pretty much just a code word for sex at this point. Not that either one of them minded or anything. Far from it.

At school, it was easy enough to act like nothing had happened. Elle hadn't killed her father, he hadn't briefly thought of killing her. And none of that mattered. They walked around the school in almost a daze. After having finally telling her he loved her, Gabriel couldn't stop saying the words. Or hearing them.

It was after school on Monday and Gabriel was at his shop, working on one of the watches that had been brought into him. His mind wandered briefly to the promise Elle had made him about bringing someone in to test his theory about taking powers on. Why did that excite him? He knew murder was wrong, but the thought of having that sort of power, of being just that special, it was almost overwhelming. He wanted it.

He held the watch up to his ear, listening to it tick. He frowned. It was still a few seconds off. Something most people wouldn't mind, but it drove him crazy. He had no tolerance for it. So he set it back on the desk and began working on it once more.
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