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Gabriel had been more tired than normal during the school day. Why? Mostly because he had stayed up all night tidying his room, almost to an obsessive compulsive point. He had rehidden all of his porn (it wasn't alot, and really, mostly books of old pin up girls. He wasn't the type to really go for stuff like Playboy) and rearranged his books three or four times. He wasn't sure why he was so nervous about Elle coming over, or why he had been so against the concept in the first place, but he did know he wanted the place to look as nice as possible. He had never invited a girl over before, or anyone, really.

His classes seemed to drag on, and for once, he just wanted them to be over with. Lunch was made alot more tolerable by meeting up with Elle in the eraser room again. It probably wasn't a good sign that they spent alot more time fooling around with one another than they ever did talking, but on the plus side, they didn't fight nearly as much as they used to this way. So that was a good sign, right?

He leaned against the wall next to Elle's locker, waiting for her to come out of her last class. He ignored the nervous feeling in his stomach that was completely irrational. So what if he lived in a tiny apartment that only seemed tinier in comparison to her home? So what if she had enough money to over tip on a watch she had broken on purpose and he had to pretty much save every penny he had to his name. It wasn't a big deal or anything.

If he kept telling himself that, maybe he'd believe it.
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