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The rest of the week was testy between them, to say the very least. The next day Elle had walked right by his locker, not even stopping to look at him as she dropped his jacket on the floor at his feet. When he picked it up and pulled it on, it smelled more like her than he expected. He made sure to wash it as soon as he got home. He didn’t need to be reminded of her presence.

But her presence is difficult to avoid, he found. Since the popular table was no longer accepting Elle, she had started sitting at his table. He didn’t know why she kept sitting there when she didn’t even bother talking to him, not even once. Instead, she just sat at the other end, just at the right angle so he could see her past whatever book he was reading at the time (this week’s choices were Fahrenheit 451 and 1984). Not that he ever looked up from his book just to look at her. Not that he noticed how she dressed each day or the way she styled her hair. He had no reason to notice such things.

Still, he kind of missed their arguments. It was nice to have someone who could keep up with him. But he was stubborn. He didn’t want to be the first to break the silence between them. So he continued to wait for her to do it first. But it turned out that she was just as stubborn as he was about these things. Maybe even more so, actually.

But today the silence would be broken. After his AP U.S. History class he was pulled aside, asked if he could tutor someone in one of the regular History classes who was struggling. Elle Bishop. Before he could even give it much thought, he said yes.

Which is why he was now standing in front of her home, knocking on the door. They had arranged for him to come to her place to tutor her, because there was no way in hell he was bringing her to his home. Virginia would probably flip out if he brought a girl home without warning, even if it was just for tutoring. It was much easier this way, especially since Elle’s father worked so late.

He wasn’t at all excited about the idea of being in a en empty home with her. Not at all. What gave you that idea?
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