Dec. 13th, 2009

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After they pumped him up with that magic blood again (he really needed to find out where that came from. Was there someone who could heal? He needed that power) Angela had a strong talking to with Gabriel.

Apparently, throwing Elle into walls and threatening to kill her was bad. She was, for whatever reason, under the list of people he was not allowed to kill, no matter how much he wanted that beautiful spark of hers. Likewise, Angela refused to give her to him as a gift of other sorts. She instead just gave him a strained smile and told him that he needed to learn to get along with the blonde. That they had more in common then they knew.

Whatever that meant Sometimes, Angela's words seemed like they had a double of meaning, but Gabriel had no idea what those double meanings were.

Either way, that's how he ended up being locked in the same room as Elle. He was in one seat, she was in the other, a table sat between them. There was nothing else. The door was locked and sealed in a way that his telekinesis could not easily just open it. He had already tried that.

Several times.


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