Oct. 2nd, 2009

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Gabriel had been staring at his phone for a while now, as if that would will it to ring somehow. That way he wouldn't have to be the first to call. In his hand was the napkin with Elle's number scrawled on it. He hadn't been able to get himself to call it, just yet.

After all, even though they were supposed to meet up today, he couldn't help but feel a little awkward. The last time he had seen her they had had sex, while drunk. And everyone caught them. They couldn't even get along most of them time, and now everyone would probably think they were a couple or something.

Having a day to think about things hadn't really helped him at all. If anything, it had really made things worse. The more he could think, the more whatever they had together seemed like a bad idea. They had fucked before even exchanging phone numbers. How healthy was now? Maybe that's why he was having trouble calling.

And what was he supposed to say? "Sorry I was too drunk to realize I shouldn't have fucked you?" or how about "I'm sorry I couldn't even be considerate enough to make it enjoyable for you." Or maybe he could talk about the fact that there was clearly something more than just lust passing between them. Something neither one of them seemed to want to discuss, ever.

He supposed she was just as scared as he was in the end.

Finally, he took a deep breath and dialed the number, waiting for her to pick up. Things couldn't possibly get any worse, right? And besides, he wanted to see her, despite of everything. Or maybe because of it. He wasn't sure.


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