Aug. 2nd, 2009

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Angela's talk with him ended up being orders. She told him that he and Elle were going to be sent on assignment together. That the only way he would really learn control would be to test it in real life situations. After all, he had proven time and time again that he wouldn't kill Elle, so her showing off her power to him wasn't a significant test of his control.

He wasn't even sure he wanted control, but he kept that part to himself and took the orders, along with the suit he was apparently supposed to wear.

They were being sent to take care of a bank robbery. The perpetrator had a power, of course. He could create fire. Gabriel couldn't help but shiver a little as he thought about that idea. What a wonderful, useful power that one could be.

And then he reminded himself that he was supposed to bring the man, Flint, in alive.

What a disappointment.

He stood in front of his mirror, adjusting the tie of his suit. He couldn't help but feel like a fraud. He didn't really want to do any of this. But for now, it seemed he had little choice if he wanted to stay close to Elle.


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