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After they had finished cleaning up they had gotten dressed and made their way out of the hospital, heading onto the road back to the Company. The car ride is considerably shorter on the way back, but that's probably because they aren't going at it like rabbits anymore. At least not for now, anyways. They both seemed rather spent from the day's activities.

Gabriel couldn't help but feel a little relieved as they pulled into the parking lot of the Company. He doubted taking down Angela would be easy, but the sooner they did it, the better. He hated sleeping in that cell on that uncomfortable bed. Even if they didn't know where they were going after this, wherever it was, he'd be able to sleep at Elle's side again.

He smiled a little at that thought.

He got out of the car, waiting for Elle to do the same before taking her hand, pulling her in for a brief kiss.

"Let's go kill the wicked witch," He mused.

How hard could it be? And even though Elle had discussed the desire to kill Angela herself, part of him was still hoping maybe things would play out so he could take her power. After all, there were so many uses for precognition, it seemed like a pity to just let that go to waste.
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